Are you interested to make the intangible tangible? When you can measure it you can manage it, right?

So what are we talking about here? More and more people are buying into the intangibles of your company, people are buying into the people that work for you, they are buying into what you stand for, into how your product and service makes them feel, and the impact you have on their lives.

Why does culture have such an impact on the performance and success of organisations?

  • What parts do values play in building cultures?
  • How do we move from culture to performance?
  • How can you view who the people really are, what is important for them and how aligned are they with your vision. How they view the culture of your organisation and what do they believe is the culture that will support higher performance?
  • Are you interested to know what level of entropy (dysfunction or negative energy hindering performance and efficiency) does your organisation have and how to overcome it?
  • Do you want to be introduced to one of the most powerful tools that engages and retains talents within you business?

Jo is a certified culture transformation specialist and CTT provides powerful metrics, which enable leaders to actively measure and manage cultures by:

  • Better understanding of who the people are and what is important for them
  • Alignment of the people with the vision and mission of their employer
  • The levels of alignment between personal values and current culture
  • The perception and health of the current culture
  • A clear understanding of the desired culture and how people can support transformation
  • Identifying areas that need looking into to facilitate the desired culture
  • Data cuts that provides a more specific lens to look at the results
  • Other indicators which are generated from the survey include: the different ratios and the Business Needs Scorecard which analyses the top ten current and desired culture values into six categories – Finance, Customers, Culture, Fitness (factors that impact speed, efficiency and productivity), Evolution (factors that impact the development of future products and services) and Societal Contribution.
  • The possibility of measuring the cost of entropy and the impact on the bottom line
  • Provides solid data for sustainable soft and hard development and cultural transformation.
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