“Your Core Values are at the heart of every decision you make, every relationship you encounter and every goal you achieve whether you are consciously aware of it or not”  Jo Simpson

Jo's Mission...

is to ignite leaders throughout the globe to be who they truly are at their core, to trust themselves and act courageously to make more conscious choices, own their personal leadership power and impact others through heart-centered leadership practices.

Jo's Vision...

is for leaders globally to Discover, Define and Ignite ™ their values and bring them alive and active in all they do, to bring about sustainable transformation for the benefit of themselves, their teams and their organisations

Jo's Business Values

We DISCOVER the TRUTH at the HEART of your people and your organisation to bring the ENERGY alive and active in all that you do. This is underpinned by our commitment to QUALITY in everything that we do.


Continual curiosity and learning of self, others and organisations for constant enhancement, growth and development.


Courageously being true to ourselves and others, through congruency with the core of who we are, what we stand for and what we passionately believe in.


Operating a heart-centred business and getting straight to the heart of the matter, to bring about lasting transformation


Committed to discovering where the Energy for lasting transformation lives. Passionately connected to bring out the aliveness, joy and performance results that happen when individuals and organisations are truly values-driven.


In our engagement, delivery and actions to give you quality results, sustainable growth and fulfilment.



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