As usual, Jo delivered a fantastic session, with a fresh and fun approach. I particularly liked her use of metaphors, which was a novel way to highlight common business issues. I thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone who wants to inspire and re-energise their team.

Keith Robson
Head of Talent, Barclays Bank Plc

Jo designed and delivered an extremely impactful session that totally engaged our most senior leaders & partners to address current issues. I am very particular about the consultants I choose to work with and Jo surpassed all my expectations. She was very powerful in the way she stepped right in and challenged existing beliefs and behaviours to bring about the required action. Jo would be my first choice every time.

Ladan Rasouli    
Head of Learning and Development, KPMG

I never appreciated the powerful personal changes possible through one-on-one coaching until I experienced it. Even after just one session with Jo, I was able to notice increased situational awareness and take positive action towards development areas. I would strongly recommend one-on-one coaching to meet 'soft skill' development areas and, equally, highly recommend Jo.

Paul Callaghan    
Director, KPMG

I had known of Jo's work through various recommendations and following on from this I have now had the pleasure of attending some of her programmes. Jo's knowledge and commitment in 'Professional Speaking' and facilitation is well thought out and conveyed in concise, simplistic terms to her audience, I have fully benefited both from a personal and work perspective and certainly look forward to working with Jo in the future.

Jason Froggatt    
Head Golf Professional, Four Seasons Golf Club

It was a pleasure to have Jo speak at our Event.  Many members attend purely on this speaker alone.  The presentation was clear and thought provoking.  Jo spoke from the heart and her passion and desire to help people was obvious from her opening line.

I heard many discussions between members after the presentation which proved that a nerve had been hit and brains had been switched on - sadly many realised that they were restless and out of alignment with their values, but were determined to rectify this.  A huge win for Jo.

Jo had a wonderful presentation style and drew her audience in and took them along with her - waking them up and making them look at their life in ways I know many if not all had ever thought of before. We would welcome her back at any time.

Sarah Hadfield
PA to CEO, Asteco Property Management

Jo delivered an excellent session on values that not only established the right definition of them, but also pinpointed what is the positive way forward and what personal actions to take. Theory supported with real life case study relevant to both individuals and corporate entities have made the session a great learning experience and a turning point in life for most of the attendees.

Hasan Makansi    
Head of Partner Development, Dubai Knowledge Village

The Leader as Coach programmes, that Jo delivered for our Senior Leaders has been extremely effective in raising awareness and developing the confidence, motivation and competence of this team to use a coaching style with their teams, leading to greater individual and team performance in all areas. Jo delivers a high quality service with professionalism and integrity while ensuring the learning experience is enjoyable and fun.

Rashid Anoon    
Vice President, HRD, Gasco

We have been highly impressed with the work that Jo Simpson has done. Jo took the time to learn about our senior managers, organisational culture and business environment. It was clear she wasn’t just delivering ‘any programme’ rather a programme made for us – ENOC Group! Jo kept her planning flexible in our ever changing business world and was comfortable, knowledgeable and highly engaging in her delivery. A comment from one senior manager illustrates this: “Jo definitely knew the subject and was very enthusiastic about it”.

Ron Villejo, Ph.D    
Management Trainer, Emirates National Oil Companies

Being a great leader, starts with yourself. I now realise that by becoming more self aware, recognising and aligning with my own core values, that I can find both a better balance and achieve greater success in my work. I really enjoyed Jo’s engaging session. She delivered the workshop in a fun way and really made an impact on the issues we needed to address, giving tools, techniques and formulas that we could put into practice immediately.

Senior Manager    

The work that you have done this year with Lloyds TSB has been insightful, diligent and valuable.  Initially equipping thirty of our leadership team in coaching skills has been extremely beneficial to creating a high performance culture.  The feedback that came out of those sessions led to training and coaching the senior directors in these skills.  This clearly demonstrates it’s effectiveness.  I look forward to working with you in the future and I believe that this is a strong platform from which to lead the industry into future years.

Tom Cassidy    
People Development Manager, Lloyds TSB Plc

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